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Players Sign with Colleges:

Isis Young– Florida
Anthony D'Orazio– Lehigh
Kelsey Bezila– Navy
Christina Foggie– Vanderbilt
Alex Smith- Holy Cross
Jackie Schluth- Drexel
Gen Okoro- Richmond
Matt Lopez- LaSalle
Emily Leer– Villanova


Types of Training

Basketball Skills Sessions
Basketball Skills every session includes hundreds of “game” shots with emphasis on footwork, getting your shot off, coming off screens, and getting open . Every athlete will learn to handle the ball as if he/she was a guard. Post moves for centers are a must.


Weight Training
Designed mostly for individuals ages 14 and up, weight training is essential for today’s athlete. PTL’s weight training techniques enable basketball players to get the greatest results while still maintaining their skills and without hindering their shot.

Plyometric Training
Most widely known as “jump training,” plyometrics is a set of various explosion drills or exercises utilized to enhance ones speed, quickness, jumping, and the ability to change direction. Plyometrics is probably one of the best techniques for any athlete to improve in his/her respective sport.


Total Training
Depending on training goals, clients have the advantage of mixing and matching “types of training” in order to get the most out of their experience and maximize their performance. Many players find that in doing this they are able to maximize the benefits of training with PTL.